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Former pro cyclist Floyd Landis launches marijuana business

Dishonored Tour de France champion Floyd Landis has become a businessman — selling cannabis products.

Where life after cycling for former pro cyclists in the US has meant producing bicycles and bike clothing or commentating on TV, Landis is getting in the marijuana industry.

His Colorado-based company, Landis of Leadville, will produce cannabis oil from marijuana …

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French still want Floyd Landis to stand trial

There's no way that cyclist Floyd Landis or his coach Arnie Barker will stand trial in France on charges of obtaining data hacked from computers at a doping control lab in France, according to Landis' current team manager.

Wayne Hudson, manager of the Orca Velo Merino cycling team, said Landis was not losing any sleep over the news. The cyclist is currently racing in the week-long Tour of Southland in New Zealand where he's in 4th place overall.

A warrant against Baker and Landis was originally issued earlier in connection with a wide-ranging hacking probe in France. The two allegedly obtained evidence purloined from the Chatenay-Malabry lab ….

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Quote: Landis says he waited too long to tell truth

“I knew that having defended myself in the beginning, and having lied about never having doped, that no matter when I changed the story and no matter when I decided to tell the details of what I'd done, the argument was always going to be the same. It was going to be that I shouldn't be believed now.

“It took me longer than it probably should have.”

Pro cyclist Floyd Landis speaking at New Pathways for Pro Cycling conference held by Deakin University at Geelong….

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Landis making headlines with doping allegations

Disgraced pro cyclist Floyd Landis is making some bombshell disclosures regarding doping in the peloton, especially during his time with the US Postal Service team.

Landis rode alongside Lance Armstrong on that team for several years. During this year's Tour of California, Landis disclosed that the use of performance-enhancing drugs and illegal techniques were prevalent during that time. Landis is reiterating those assertions in “Blood Brothers,” a Wall Street Journal article published Saturday, the first day of the 2010 Tour de France.

Armstrong says the WSJ article is “full of false accusations” at

Among the latest allegations ….

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Lance Armstrong again target of doping accusations:
This time Floyd Landis makes allegations

[Updates with reaction from Armstrong, Hincapie and WADA]

In a series of e-mails written to cycling officials and sponsors disclosed by the Wall Street Journal and, Floyd Landis admits to doping to enhance his performance during his cycling career.

More explosive, however, are his assertions that Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, George Hincapie and David Zabriskie all participated in various forms of doping while they were together at the U.S. Postal Service cycling team.

Armstrong immediately rejected the accusations, but the World Anti-Doping Agency says it will investigate the charges.

Armstrong reacted  before the beginning of Stage 5 of the Tour of California, with team manager Johann Bruyneel at his side:

“It's our word against his word. I like our word. We like our credibility. We have nothing to hide. Nothing to run from.” …

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French judge issues warrant for Floyd Landis in hacking case;
Landis responds

Here we go again.

The head of France's anti-doping agency says that a French judge has issued an international arrest warrant for Floyd Landis in a computer hacking case at the Chatenay-Malabry laboratory.

That's the lab that found elevated levels of testosterone in Landis's samples during the 2006 Tour de France and eventually led to his two-year banishment from professional cycling.

Landis is not being accused of hacking into the computers at the lab, according to what I've read. The judge, Thomas Cassuto, does want to question Landis about how the allegedly hacked files ended up being used in his defense, though …

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Bike quote: Floyd Landis's chances of returning to Tour de France

“I don't think it's a possibility next year, or ever, for that matter. … I can't foresee what the politics in cycling will possibly lead to but the organisations in control are not working well together. There are people caught in the crossfire and I happen to be one of them, so I don't know if the opportunity will come up again. I would like to. But it's very sensitive.

“I would need a team to invite me and they would have to be willing to take the risk that they wouldn't be used as some sort of… The UCI and Tour de France don't get on well at the moment and they like to use whatever they can, whatever pawns are in the middle, to try to make a point. Most teams are afraid of giving them any reason to make them the pawn.”

— Floyd Landis, the disgraced 2006 Tour de France champion discussing his chances of returning to race the Tour de France …

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Floyd Landis returns to cycling with OUCH

That's not OUCH as in “owee.” That's OUCH as in Occupational Urgent Care and Health Sports Medical Center of Temecula, California.

OUCH is the new primary sponsor of the former HealthNet-Maxxis cycling team. One of its first actions is to hire cyclist Floyd Landis when he becomes eligible to compete on Jan. 30, 2009.

Landis, 33, is currently serving a two-year suspension for doping during the 2006 Tour de France after a contentious and unsuccessful battle for more than a year to clear his name ….

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Report says Floyd Landis to Health Net-Maxxis cycling team

The day after Lance Armstrong confirmed he's returning to professional cycling, here's news that Floyd Landis will ride his bicycle for the team currently sponsored by HealthNet – Maxxis.

Landis has been serving a two-year suspension for doping at the 2006 Tour de France. His lost his final appeal earlier this year.

CyclingNews reports that when Landis returns in January 2009, he'll join the team run by the Momentum Sports Group that's known by its sponsor, HealthNet-Maxxis. …..

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Floyd Landis loses appeal

The Court of Arbitration for Sport announced this morning that it has rejected Floyd Landis's appeal of the doping case raised after the 2006 Tour de France.

The decision by the Switzerland-based board means that earlier rulings against Landis stand. The 32-year-old American cyclist had previously lost his championship for the 2006 Tour de France and had been banned from professional cycling for two years, beginning Jan. 30, 2007.

The CAS also ruled that Landis must pay the US Anti-Doping Agency $100,000 for the costs it incurred in fighting the latest Landis appeal…

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