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Bike quote: Why bicycle tourists are the best tourists for small towns

Young cyclist visits with a local at Methow ice cream shop

“Many (cross-country riders) stay at hotels and motels, lodges. They’re not whizzing by you with a tankful of gas. They’re stopping and buying a few things here and there. They’re there to interact with a local community instead of driving by in a car and looking out the windows.”

– Steve Jahn, member …

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US Bike Route 10 dedication is Sunday in Anacortes

Open Street Cycle Map of USBR 10. http://www.opencyclemap.org/?zoom=8&lat=48.17592&lon=-119.98274&layers=B0000

Washington Bikes is inviting folks interested in bicycle travel to attend the ribbon cutting on the new US Bike Route 10 in Anacortes this Sunday.

Click here for link to map

USBR 10 rolls out for 416 miles roughly along  the State Route 20 corridor from Anacortes to the Idaho border. That’s also the …

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Washington state joins others seeking approvals for U.S. Bicycle Routes

US Bicycle Route System corridors


Washington state may have its first official U.S. Bicycle Route later this spring.

Washington Bikes reported that the state Department of Transportation has submitted its plans for USBR 10 to cross the northern part of the state from Anacortes to the Idaho border.

The plans go to the American Association of State Highway and …

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Adventure Cycling creates new backcountry bike routes in Idaho

Redfish Lake and Sawtooth Range from singletrack. -- photo by Adventure Cycling

After creating more than 42,000 miles of bicycle routes on paved, gravel and dirt roads, Adventure Cycling Association is taking a foray onto backcountry single track.

It’s new Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route is a two-map set of the mountains, lakes and valleys of central Idaho.

The main 518-mile loop uses pavement, gravel roads, …

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Making the Natchez Trace Parkway safe for cyclists

Natchez Trace Parkway

The Natchez Trace Parkway between Nashville, Tennessee, and Tupelo, Mississippi, seems like a natural route for bicyclists traveling between the country music capital and the birthplace of Elvis.

Of course there are many other reasons to travel the  444-mile route across Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Among them is the fact that the parkway is designated …

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Touring bicyclists can pump up small-town Montana economies

Overnight stops for bike travelers

Those travelers who crisscross Montana by bicycle leave a lot of money behind as they go, spending on average between $75 to $102 a day.

That according to “Analysis of Touring Cyclists,” a study by the Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research at University of Montana in cooperation with the nonprofit Adventure Cycling Association, based …

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Bicycle Travel Video Contest observes lure of open road

If you shoot video of your bicycle tours for family and friends, you might want to consider sharing with the bicycle touring community at large.

There might be a little something in it for you.

The Adventure Cycling Association is hosting its second annual Bicycle Travel Video Contest at Vimeo….

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“Trail Angels” save the day for Canadian couple on bicycle tour

Denise Blanchard in hospital; photo by CharDenVeloMonde.blogspot.ca

When Denise Blanchard lost control of her bicycle and fell hard on a gravel road in Kansas, she thought last year’s TransAmerica bicycle tour was over for her and her husband, Charles Coderre.

She wrote at her blog, CharDenVeloMonde (translated from French):

“I lose control of my bike completely and it is the fall! Ayayaye! It hurts! I …

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Adventure Cycling Association lists bicycle tours for next year

Bike tour sets up in a Washington state park

It’s not even Columbus Day, but you might want to start checking around for a guided bicycle tour to take next year.

The non-profit Adventure Cycling Association on Wednesday issued its list of more than 80 guided bicycle tours in the U.S. and warned that some of its most popular trips are already booked.

The …

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Mud slides close Northern Tier bicycle route in Washington

Traveling bicyclists heading out on the Northern Tier Bicycle Route from Anacortes or nearing their final destination will find their way blocked on State Route 20 — the North Cascades Highway.

Heavy rain and hailstorms that blasted Rainy Pass over the weekend unleashed mud and rock slides across the scenic highway, forcing its closure by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

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