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Florida county bans bicycles on connector road

Here we go again. Manatee County, FL, officials have banned bicycles from 1.9-mile-long Hidden Valley Trail. The two-lane road is a low-traffic, east-west connection that’s a popular link used by bicyclists. A brief history of bicycle advocacy shows that bicycle bans don’t stick. Just ask officials in Black Hawk, CO (“Victory! Colorado Supreme Court overturns …

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Skyrocketing airline fees for bicycles

At the same time that Amtrak is improving its policies for carrying bicycles, the airlines are continuing to jack up prices on bicycles as baggage. Washington Post says that as airlines lump extra charges on passengers, they’re going overboard on those who carry bicycles. Many airlines now charge $150 to $200 each way to carry bicycles. …

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British filmmaker explains the revival of bicycling

Why is the bicycle back in fashion? That’s the question that British filmmaker Michael B. Clifford tries to answer in the film, “Bicycle – A Great British Movement.” The 90-minute documentary tells the story from the British perspective, but we can easily argue that the bicycle is also undergoing a rebirth in the US. The documentary premieres …

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More roll-on, roll-off bike service coming to Amtrak

More options for bicycle travel are in the offing as Amtrak says it is installing baggage cars with bicycle racks on all 15 of its long-distance routes by the end of the year. The upgrade means that bicyclists can roll their rides onto the baggage cars and hang the bikes on the vertical racks. No more …

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1984 Bike Tour: Day 2 – First roadside attraction – Shirley Plantation

We awoke to roosters crowing Monday morning. They walked down the hill from the house and strutted around our campsite.

Bruce and I climbed out of the tent at 5:45. It took us two hours to get ready, and most of that was just repacking our panniers so that the stuff we'd probably use first was at the top.

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After pop tarts and coffee (the water heated on a one-burner Coleman stove), we were back on the road at 8. …

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Memories from my 1984 cross-country bicycle tour

My friend Bruce unearthed this old photo of us walking across the sand at Virginia Beach after dipping our rear tires in the Atlantic Ocean to start our cross-country bicycle tour in 1984. After our ceremony, we climbed in a car with our girlfriends and drove to Yorktown, Va., where we actually started our 11-week …

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Day 1: Dude — Where’s my campground?

Sunday, May 13, 1984 Yorktown to Charles City, Va. 40 miles Gene’s journal Our first day on the TransAmerica bicycle route started with butterflies in our stomachs, a flurry of goodbyes, and a frantic search for a campground that no longer existed. My bicycling buddy Bruce and I unpacked the car at the Yorktown Victory …

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150 years of bicycle history at CNN

Bicycle historian David V. Herlihy was called upon to provide background for CNN’s Art of Movement feature this month that focuses on the bicycle — “the world’s most popular vehicle.” “From Boneshaker to BMX: 150 years of the bicycle” tells the story of the bicycle from the first wood and steel draisines to today’s lightweight carbon fiber …

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Motorist to cyclist in windshield: “What are you doing in my car?”

A Wisconsin motorist was surprised to notice a man’s body poking through his car’s windshield when he pulled up to his house Saturday night. “He looked at me and said, ‘Who are you? What are you doing in the car?” said Steven Gove, the bicyclist who crashed through the windshield. Gove told a reporter for …

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BIKES: Science on Two Wheels at Pittsburgh museum

The Steel City has a long-time love affair with the bicycle. It started before local cyclist Frank Lenz left on his tragic global bike ride in 1892 and continues to this day with Pittsburgh as one terminus of an off-road bicycle route that stretches 335 miles to Washington, DC. So it’s not surprising that the …

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