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New name, same goal at Bicycle Alliance of Washington

Washington Bikes. Yes we do. But that’s more than a description of how Washington residents commute, run errands or recreate. Washington Bikes is the new name for the Bicycle Alliance of Washington.

The statewide bicycle advocacy group has decided it’s time to polish up its image with a new name and new logo.

Executive Director …

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Overnight bike touring book for Washington state in the works

As more people use their bicycles for commuting, errand-running and recreation, we can only expect more cyclists to use their bicycles for overnight touring.

Washington state is already on the map for many long-distance bike routes created by Adventure Cycling Association that begin or end here, as well as their 856-mile Washington Parks loop.

Otherwise, …

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North Cascades Highway due to open this week; slated for future US Bicycle Route

An annual rite of spring is the reopening of the North Cascades Highway in April or early May after snow plow crews complete the task of scraping the road to bare pavement.

That not only opens a 40-mile stretch of Highway 20 in northern Washington state to car traffic, but it also marks the reopening of a remarkably scenic link of Adventure Cycling Association’s Northern Tier and Washington State Parks bicycle routes to touring bicyclists.

The Washington State Department of Transportation is shooting for a 1 p.m. Tuesday reopening of the highway, unless this past weekend’s spring snows …

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Improvements for bicyclists due on Hood Canal Bridge

Three years after the state completed renovation of the Hood Canal Bridge linking the Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas, the Department of Transportation is returning to improve bridge deck safety for bicyclists.

The Bicycle Alliance of Washington announced that the WSDOT has agreed to get started soon on the project that should reduce the number of bike crashes on the grated bridge deck.

The current problems include uneven surfaces between bridge sections, slick metal plates, raised rivets and gaps that trap bicycle tires and cause falls.

Using a $1.3 million federal grant, the state will widen …

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