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Improved Spruce Railroad Trail reopens at Lake Crescent

Part of the Olympic Discovery Trail on the Olympic Peninsula Crescent Lake and mountain view from Spruce Railroad Trail in 2019

The Spruce Railroad Trail overlooking the remote north shore of Lake Crescent is “open for business” again.

Crews finished the months-long project to pave the trail and reconstruct and reopen two old tunnels on …

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Plans moving ahead to close gap on Olympic Peninsula Trail

The goal of connecting Port Townsend with the rest of the Olympic Discovery Trail got a major boost last month when Jefferson County leaders voted to study the feasibility of possible trail routes linking the city to the rest of the trail.

The Olympic Discovery Trail is envisioned as a 126-mile-long bicycle trail along the …

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Olympic Peninsula – Paving the Spruce Railroad Trail on the “back side” of Lake Crescent creates safer bike route

A paved trail is slowly but surely replacing the dirt and rock Spruce Railroad Trail on the north shore of Lake Crescent. When complete, it will provide a safe and scenic alternative to the narrow shoulder of US Highway 101 that bicyclists must now use to pass the lake.

Anyone who has bicycled on US Highway 101 …

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Improvements for bicyclists due on Hood Canal Bridge

Three years after the state completed renovation of the Hood Canal Bridge linking the Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas, the Department of Transportation is returning to improve bridge deck safety for bicyclists.

The Bicycle Alliance of Washington announced that the WSDOT has agreed to get started soon on the project that should reduce the number of bike crashes on the grated bridge deck.

The current problems include uneven surfaces between bridge sections, slick metal plates, raised rivets and gaps that trap bicycle tires and cause falls.

Using a $1.3 million federal grant, the state will widen …

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