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Colorful mural replaces drab walls of bike trail tunnel

Art is in the eyes of the bicyclists as they pass a brightly painted mural taking shape inside the Burke-Gilman Trail tunnel in Bothell, WA.

I pedaled up there on Tuesday and saw a dozen  volunteers enjoying their task of filling in the lines drawn by local artist Kristen Ramirez.

It looks like they’re just about done with the project …

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Cyclists made first century bike ride on penny farthings

Ten thousand cyclists are preparing for either back-to-back centuries or a 1-day double century in the Seattle-to-Portland Bicycle Classic (STP) this weekend.

The root of the event — the century bike ride — was first documented by two guys on penny farthings more than 130 years ago.

Today, most recreational bicyclists target the goal as they become …

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My guidebook — Best Bike Rides Seattle — is now available

Back in April 2012 an editor from Falcon Guides contacted me to see if I’d be interested in writing a guidebook about the best Seattle area bike rides.

I’d be responsible for choosing 40 bike routes, writing a chapter about each ride, taking at least two photos for each ride, and producing a map and a cue sheet for each …

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Utah man is first to ride a bicycle across Antarctica to South Pole

Congratulations to Daniel Burton for becoming the first human to ride a bicycle across Antarctica to the South Pole.

The 50-year-old former computer programmer from Utah reached his goal on Tuesday, completing a 730-mile ride over mountains and snow ridges across the desolate frozen continent in 50 days.

At his blog, The South Pole Epic, …

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The top 10 cities for bicycle commuting; how 70 biggest cities rank

More Americans than ever are saying that they commute to work by bicycle, according to recently released figures from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

Shirtsleeve weather for Bike to Work DayAlthough the percentage is still low — 0.64% of all commuters in 2012 — the rate represents a 9.6% increase in just one year and a 50% increase if you go all the way back to 1990.

That 0.64% represents 864,883 bike commuters in 2012.

Policy makers, especially those in the top bicycle-commuting cities, should consider this when they appropriate money …

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