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Colorado charity bike rides help flood victims, in spite of cancellations

Bike rides cancelled

The devastating flooding that struck Colorado in the past week has led to the cancellation of some charity bike rides in heavily hit Front Range communities.

Organizers of those bike rides, however, still hope to divert supplies and proceeds to the flood relief effort.

Law enforcement and emergency responders are busy dealing with evacuations. Many …

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Victory! Colorado Supreme Court overturns Black Hawk bicycle ban


Sometimes it’s worth fighting that ticket all the way to the Supreme Court.

Three Colorado bicyclists, supported by the advocacy group Bicycle Colorado, learned that on Monday.

Not only were their tickets thrown out, but a local law that might have had dire consequences as a precedent against bicyclists’ rights also was thrown out.

The …

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Vande Velde wins USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Christian Vande Velde made up a 9-second deficit to win the USA Pro Cycling Challenge on the final stage individual time trial in Denver on Sunday.

By winning, he unseated Levi Leipheimer who usually excels at the ITT in crunch situations.

Vande Velde said, “I actually had a lot of confidence in today. …

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Race against the clock will decide USA Pro Cycling Challenge winner

With the USA Pro Cycling Challenge coming to an end today, defending champion Levi Leipheimer has gone to the front as the overall leader.

The race has been a dead-heat between Tejay van Garderen (BMC) and Christian Vande Velde (Garmin-Sharp) for most of the week, with Leipheimer lurking down in fourth place just a few seconds behind.

The week-long stage bike race ends with a 9.5-mile individual time trial around Denver. All three are strong riders against the clock, although historically Leipheimer has the advantage…..

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Voigt still battling at USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Jens Voigt

A couple of days before the start of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, 40-year-old Jens Voigt was asked about retirement. “That is not in my vocabulary. Sorry.”

The RadioShack cyclist demonstrated what he meant by that statement on Thursday when he took a solo victory on the 97-mile Stage 4 by nearly 3 minutes.

The …

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Another stage, another leader at USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Ownership of the overall leader’s jersey changes everyday at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

The Stage 3 sufferfest over two 12,000-plus foot mountain passes on Wednesday concluded with Garmin-Sharp’s Tom Danielson crossing the line first, while teammate Christian Vande Velde took the overall lead.

Oddly, Vande Velde took the overall lead from BMC’s Tejay van Garderen, even though both have recorded the exact same time in the race so far. ….

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Day 46 – Back and forth over the “Divide”

ASPEN GLADE, COLO. – This is rough terrain, and we crossed back over the Continental Divide and bicycled in and out of New Mexico today. We're still making progress to the Pacific, though it doesn't seem so.

We said our goodbyes to Gunter and Elsa (they said they didn't want to hold us back, although I doubt this because they set a torrid pace), and pedaled south on Route 84 to Chromo. Nothing much going on here except a second breakfast. After leaving the mountains, we're in some high plains here. A landmark, Chromo Mountain, we watched approach for more than 10 miles. We passed it on our right, and continued over the New Mexico border…

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Day 45 – This “health” beverage tastes better than Gatorade

PAGOSA SPRINGS, COLO. -We hooked up with a German couple on the road today who taught us about a new health drink, although we have yet to try it while cycling.

We packed up early at the hostel in Durango and took off. Anymore, I always feel better being back on the road, no matter how much I needed a rest day. Today we're following a new map behind the clear window in my handlebar bag. We're long-finished with the traditional Bikecentennial maps — that route veered north somewhere after Pueblo. We're on the Great Parks South Bicycle Route Extension map. …

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Day 44 – Using a pickup instead of bikes to Mesa Verde; bad move

DURANGO, COLO. – Note to self: If you're touring by bicycle, stay on the bicycle.

We've just returned from a strange and troubling adventure involving our reliance on a pickup truck we borrowed for the day. We're all safe and sound, but it could have turned out much worse.

Bruce and I had planned to take today off and take a $25 guided tour to the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings, about an hour's drive away. The hosteler said we could do it cheaper if we rented a car, and what's more, a German hostel guest, Christiane, could go with us and make it back by her 4:30 bus ride out of town. …

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Day 43 – By bike and train over San Juans

DURANGO, COLO. – I can't imagine a better day bicycling, even though it did include several hours on a narrow gauge railroad.

The climb up Red Mountain Pass is a monster. It's a 13-mile ride from Ouray and rises from 7,706-foot elevation to 11,018 feet. It took us 3 and a half hours, partly because of the climb and partly because of the scenery – which we were all too happy to admire as we caught our breath.

We climbed switchbacks out of Ouray, which was surrounded by lofty cliffs, ….

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