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Bicycling dirt and gravel roads gaining popularity

1-1/4 inch tires do fine on gravel John Wayne Pioneer Trail

Most bicyclists traditionally avoid gravel roads and paths like the plague. It can make for sketchy, tipsy riding, and the friction makes for slow going.

But as the alternative sometimes is riding a bike on busy or narrow highways, many more are discovering the new-found pleasures of a crunchy ride. Many turn to mountain bikes …

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Biking Across Kansas 2014 — the long way

Route for 2014 Biking Across Kansas

Organizers announced the route for 2014 Biking Across Kansas on Wednesday, and it looks like they’ve squeezed every mile possible into the west-to-east across-state bike ride that’s celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The bike tour rolls out from Elkhart in southwestern Kansas on June 7 and heads in a northeast direction to a finish in White …

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Before Pete Seeger had a hammer, he had a bicycle

Singer-songwriter-political activist Pete Seeger, known for penning such songs as “If I Had a Hammer,” died on Monday at age 94.

While I’ve enjoyed the message in his music over the years, what struck me this morning was the line in many obits that Seeger “dropped out of Harvard University in 1938 to ride a bicycle across …

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Free e-book explains self-guided bicycle tours

Self-guided bike touring in Italy (provided by Pure Adventures)

There are many styles of bicycle touring.

At one extreme are independent cycling holidays by those who map their own routes and find camping or lodging as they go. At the other end are cushy catered affairs where sag wagons wait at the bottom of every hill and cyclists find a chocolate on their pillow …

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How 4 bicycle travelers got through the North Cascades mudslides

The 3 cyclists setting out in June. Photo from InventureTime.com

There’s nothing like a first-person account from a touring bicyclist to add drama to the closure of the North Cascades Highway this past weekend.

Bekah Gordon wrote one at InventureTime.com, telling how she and her three companions slogged through mud and running water, hefted their loaded touring bikes over guardrails, then escaped an oncoming hailstorm …

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Mud slides close Northern Tier bicycle route in Washington

Traveling bicyclists heading out on the Northern Tier Bicycle Route from Anacortes or nearing their final destination will find their way blocked on State Route 20 — the North Cascades Highway.

Heavy rain and hailstorms that blasted Rainy Pass over the weekend unleashed mud and rock slides across the scenic highway, forcing its closure by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

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Overnight bike touring book for Washington state in the works

Cover for future bike touring guidebook.

As more people use their bicycles for commuting, errand-running and recreation, we can only expect more cyclists to use their bicycles for overnight touring.

Washington state is already on the map for many long-distance bike routes created by Adventure Cycling Association that begin or end here, as well as their 856-mile Washington Parks loop.

Otherwise, …

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Canada’s Great Divide Mountain Bike Route a ‘complete washout’

Adventure Cycling recommends avoiding Canadian bike route

If you are planning to start your Great Divide Mountain Bike Route ride in Canada, the Adventure Cycling Association has a suggestion: Don’t do it.

The 253-mile stretch from Banff, Alberta, to Roosville, Montana, is devastated by extraordinary flooding and flood damage, the association warns.

Carla Majernik, Routes and Mapping Director of Adventure Cycling, said:

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Arrests in rape of Swiss bicycle tourist in India; traveler warnings for women

Location of Datia district in India

Police in India say they’ve arrested six men who confessed to raping a Swiss woman who was touring the country by bicycle with her husband.

The horrific news of the rape surfaced over the weekend from a country where sexual attacks against women have been described as a “national problem” by the UN’s chief of …

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Olympic Discovery and Olympic Adventure trails keep growing, improving

Checking out Olympic Discovery Trail maps at Seattle Bike Expo

Someone asked me recently if I was going to do any bicycle touring this summer, and I realized that I hadn’t really thought about it.

Discovery Trail near Port Angeles

Too often my bike tours are last-minute decisions, and I end up filling my panniers with anything within reach and roll down the driveway toward the John Wayne Pioneer rail-trail.

Visiting the Seattle Bicycle Expo this weekend, however, I got the lowdown on the ever-growing Olympic Discovery Trail on the Olympic Peninsula. …

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