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Grand Ridge: New trail for mountain bikers and hikers completed

After volunteers put in more than 40,000 hours of labor over the past 10 years, the completion of a new 7-mile trail in the Issaquah Highlands (WA) will be celebrated with a public hike and barbecue on Thursday.

The Grand Ridge Trail is open to mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians. The trail includes a 40-foot-long log bridge, two shorter log bridges and the just-completed 600-foot-long elevated boardwalk that passes over a hemlock bog.

The Washington Trail Association held 448 volunteer events …

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30 days of biking: May Valley Road

Day 2 of “30 Days of Biking” sent me out May Valley Road to Squak State Park and back.

This is my default 20-mile bike route here in Washington. It hugs the south-facing base of Cougar and Squak mountains so if there’s any sun, it gets some warmth.

More than that, it’s a two-lane road …

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Indiana town says “No” to bicycle tourism

A city commission in Greenwood, Indiana, is turning away a proposed U.S. Bicycle Route that would take traveling bicyclists through the middle of its historic downtown.

It seemed surprising to me that a town would turn away tourism dollars, especially from those with such a low impact as touring bicyclists on the U.S. Bicycle Route System, a proposed 50,000-mile network of bicycle byways that will span the nation.

I asked Ginny Sullivan, the Adventure Cycling Association’s coordinator for the bike route network, whether this is common …

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Solutions for women left numb by bicycling

It’s no secret that some women can suffer the same numbness in the genital area as some men do from riding a bicycle.

For men that can lead to erectile dysfunction and impotence, serious issues that can be addressed by professional bike fittings and alternative saddle styles.

Now researchers at Yale University School of Medicine have found a solution for women suffering numbness — set the handlebar higher in relation to the saddle.

Back in 2006, Yale University looked at issues of women’s sexual health and bicycling …

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Making an attempt for 30 days of biking in April

Originally I dismissed the idea of 30 Days of Biking, launched in 2010 and posted to Twitter by two Minneapolis cyclists as #30daysofbiking.

It is returning in 2012, and already I can see several dates looming in April when I just don’t know how I’ll get out on my bike to ride.

I have good reasons to skip those days. But other people have what they call “good reasons” to skip a day, or a week, or a month or to never use a bike to ride to work, run an errand, or just get some exercise.

Maybe my reasons are just as lame. So I’m going to give it a go and see how many days I can ride this month. Maybe I’ll do all 30, which would be great. Maybe I’ll only hit 25 …

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Update: New Trek Domane “passes” eyelet test

Trek Domane

Trek Bikes chose Friday to roll out its new high performance road bike, the Domane, stealing the thunder from the relaunch of my blog.

This looks like a fine bike for anyone who races on rough roads, like the cobblestones in northern France. I don’t happen to know anyone like that, but those folks must be out there.

It’s supposed to be less shaky on rough roads because of “ISO speed” technology that allows the seat tube to pivot independently from the frame. My old Cannondale with the giant aluminum tubes used to beat me up it was so stiff; I fixed that by getting a bike with a steel frame and riding slightly wider tires.

When I first heard about the Domane, I immediately went to the Trek Bikes website to learn two things — the cost and the number of eyelets. …

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New look, but same old Biking Bis

Whoa! What happened to Biking Bis?

No worries. You’ve found it.

This is the same blog that’s been spinning out bicycling posts for the past seven years. It just looks a little different.

Last year, my website host alerted its members that it had to discontinue its use of the Blogware platform and invited everyone to migrate over to Wordpress.

Even though my host would do the bulk of the heavy lifting, I pretty much dragged my feet to get started.

In the past month, my new website host, PressHarbor, has migrated more than 6,300 blog posts and photos over to the new platform and taken care of the redirects for some 70 web pages comprising mainly bike ride calendars. …

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Images of future Hwy. 520 bike trail over Lake Washington

It seems almost too good to be true for Seattle area bicyclists. The new Highway 520 bridge across Lake Washington will have bicycle and pedestrians lanes. These artists’ renderings prove it.

The Washington Department of Transportation posted the future views of the bridge at its account last week.

Although I knew that advocates from Cascade Bicycle Club and the Bicycle Alliance of Washington pushed for a bike trail on the new bridge, seeing these views somehow makes it all the more real.

Now all we have to do is wait …

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Is your college campus bicycle friendly?

Picking up the NCAA March Madness theme, the League of American Bicyclists has announced the latest additions to its list of Bicycle Friendly Universities.

The League added 5 colleges each to the Silver and Bronze rankings, raising the number of bike friendly campuses to 35 in 21 states.

Another 6 campuses were given an Honorable Mention.The new additions are …

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Dangerous roads prompt bike route changes in North Dakota

Heavy road traffic in North Dakota’s “drill baby drill” region is forcing Adventure Cycling Association to relocate two established bicycle routes and issue new replacementent maps.

The Northern Tier and Lewis & Clark bicycle routes were redrawn to avoid the heavy traffic related to the oil and gas industry surge in northwestern North Dakota and moved southward generally to the Interstate 94 corridor.

Cartographer Jennifer ‘Jenn’ Milyko announced the changes at the Adventure Cycling blog last month. The national wire services picked up the story Tuesday under the headline “Bicycle group warns riders to steer clear of North Dakota’s oil patch due to dangerous traffic.”

The non-profit has been dealing with the issue for at least four years. ….

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