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Lance Armstrong’s first appearance will be — where else — on Oprah!

With the many accomplished cycling journalists of many nationalities who have followed Lance Armstrong’s career, who better to get the first interview since his downfall than hard-hitting investigative reporter Oprah Winfrey.

With CNN’s Larry King retired now, I suppose Winfrey is the best choice for Armstrong to spin his story. He appears next Thursday on …

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Lance Armstrong still appearing on magazine covers

It seems that I couldn’t get away from Lance Armstrong’s piercing gaze staring out at me from the local magazine rack over the past decade.

He regularly appeared on Bicycling, Outdoors, and Men’s Journal, as well as the scandal sheets like the National Examiner.

He’s back, even after his fall from grace. Now, however, he’s …

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Livestrong rides again: Dates for 2013 charity bike rides

The Livestrong Foundation (formerly the Lance Armstrong Foundation) is plowing ahead with fund-raising activities for 2013 that include the return of its Livestrong Challenge charity bike ride series, as well as running and triathlon events.

I’m happy to see Livestrong continue to make bicycling one of its major fund-raising tools, even as its founder’s cycling career has been a source of controversy.

The athletic events raised $5 million in 2012 for the foundation, which supports cancer patients and survivors and their families.

The Livestrong Challenge cities are the same as last year …

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Lance Armstrong movie — “Give me rewrite!”

Considering how far Lance Armstrong’s star has fallen in recent weeks, I thought that the Armstrong biopic would have slid from the back burner to the trash bin.

Not so, says Hollywood producer Frank Marshall, who’s known for making the Jason Bourne and Indiana Jones movies. Interviewed by MTV recently, he said:

“Well, we’re recutting… …

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Livestrong Foundation deletes Lance Armstrong’s name from title

The foundation that Lance Armstrong created to inform and support cancer patients and their families officially dropped his identity from its name this week.

Although it had become known as the LIVESTRONG Foundation in recent years, the actual name was still the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Now, when you go to the website, you’ll see …

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UCI upholds sanctions against Lance Armstrong

[Postscript: Oct. 23, 2012 — Lance Armstrong removed “7-time Tour de France winner” from his Twitter bio.]

Officials for the governing body of cycling say they agree that Lance Armstrong cheated by using performance-enhancing drugs during his career and they won’t challenge the sanctions against him.

The Union Cycliste Internationale came to the conclusion after …

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The other shoe falls in Armstrong doping case

Athletic shoe and clothing marketer Nike announced on Wednesday it is ending its contract with Lance Armstrong, the same day that the embattled former pro cyclist announced he was stepping down as chairman of Livestrong. Armstrong business partners Trek and Anheuser-Busch soon followed suit.

The announcements come a week after the USADA disclosed the details of its doping case against the one-time Tour de France champion and stripped him of his 7 titles.

Nike, a longtime supporter of Armstrong and the Livestrong foundation, had stood by him over the years. The company even issued assurances last month …

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Cyclist Levi Leipheimer fired by Omega Pharma-Quickstep

Belgian pro cycling team Omega Pharma Quickstep fired decorated US pro cyclist Levi Leipheimer on Tuesday for his connection with the Lance Armstrong doping scandal.

In the investigation by the USADA into doping by members of the US Postal Service pro cycling team, Leipheimer admitted in testimony that he had used illegal performance-enhancing drugs during …

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Who gets Lance Armstrong’s victories? No one.

The director of the Tour de France says that doping was so rampant during the Lance Armstrong era that probably no one would be awarded those 7 championships.

“When you read the USADA report, you can’t be indifferent. .. It depicts an era and a system which are forever soiled. The best solution is to …

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Pro cyclists suffer disgrace from association with Lance Armstrong (updated)

Update: If you’re interested in reading the Reasoned Decision offered by the US Anti-Doping Association against Lance Armstrong, the 202-page document is available here at the USADA website. Testimony and other documents are available at US Postal Service Pro Cycling Team Investigation.

One of the unfortunate sidelights in the Lance Armstrong doping affair is the number of pro cyclists whose careers have been tainted by their association with the former 7-time Tour de France winner.

The US Anti-Doping Association released details of its 1,000-page report on its case against Armstrong on Wednesday. It includes testimony for 26 individuals of whom 15 are cyclists, 11 of them former members of the Postal Service team.

Six of those received six-month suspensions stemming from their testimony, confirming why none of them competed in the London Olympics. Those cyclists and their most recent teams are …

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