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WA governor says bicycling, bike shops OK during COVID-19 shutdown

It’s getting more difficult to keep track of what’s open and what’s closed in response to COVID-19 in Washington state, where a “Stay at Home” order has gone into effect.

Here’s the scorecard:

Bicycling is allowed (just maintain 6 feet social distance). Gov. Jay Inslee, himself a roadie, said in this week’s announcement that …

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Bicycling event calendars wiped clean by COVID-19 pandemic this spring

Here we are halfway through March, and the spring bicycling season has been wiped clean. Most organized rides in March and April have been postponed and many have been cancelled until next year.

The camaraderie offered at sag stops on big bike rides now presents an unnecessary health risk during the COVID-19 crisis.

That doesn’t …

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Seattle Bike Show limits weekend event due to coronavirus; Seattle Bike Swap, Sea Otter Classic postponed

You’ll want to check for possible last-minute changes before heading out to watch or participate in bicycling events because of growing concern over COVID-19. Organizers in the US and Italy have just started reacting to the epidemic.

So far, we have limitations at this weekend’s Seattle Bike Show and postponements of Seattle Bike Swap and …

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