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Another Transamerica bicycle tour — 40 years later

With the 40th anniversary of the 1976 Bikecentennial bike tour rolling out this year, a lot of people are finding ways to commemorate the event.

Terry Taylor is one of them. A life-long bicyclist since he received his first bike from his father in 1944, Terry participated in that first Transamerica bike ride in 1976.

Now, at …

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Retirees riding bicycles in greater numbers

All little Johnny wanted was a new bicycle for Christmas when he was a kid. Now, 60 years later, John Sr. is retired, and he still wants a bicycle.

The Wall Street Journal has discovered that “more older people” (hey, be careful who you’re calling old) are taking up bicycling.

A poll by the AARP …

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Age no barrier on solo trans-Canada bicycle tour

Don’t tell Howard Dietzman that he’s too old to ride his bike. The 81-year-old grandfather from New Jersey completed a solo bicycle tour across Canada earlier this fall.

It was his second bike trip across Canada. He’s completed three rides across the US, in addition to a bike tour from New York to Alaska. I …

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Cross-county cyclist battles Parkinson’s

The next time you consider skipping a bike ride because it’s drizzling, or it isn’t sunny, or you didn’t get your 8 hours the previous night, remember about Steve Quam.

The 68-year-old bicyclist from Anderson, S.C., suffers from Parkinson’s disease, a nervous system disorder that gets worse with time. In spite of that, he’s riding a self-contained bicycle …

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Cycling centenarian sets records in France

This guy is awesome. His feats are amazing. But if I start training tomorrow, I think I can challenge his records when I qualify in the year 2050.

French cyclist Robert Marchand, age 100, last week rode his bicycle on a track for 100 kilometers in 4 hours, 17 minutes and 27 seconds. That works out to about 14.3 mph, which is decent.

Because there’s no 100K record on the books for his age group, the Union Cycliste Internationale said it will recognize Marchand’s feat. The over-100 category was created in February …

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3 bike travelers hit by truck in Georgia; 1 dead

Sad news from Georgia where three bicycle touring friends in their 60s were hit by a tractor-trailer rig on Thursday morning. The three were nearing the end of a two-year, 6,000-mile bike adventure from Prudhoe Bay to Key West.

One, Peter Cornell, 64, of Port Charlotte, Fla., was killed in the collision. He was originally …

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Senior couple’s inspiring bicycle tour

As the years mount up for me, I get more and more interested in seeing how many older folks are remaining active on their bicycles.

One example is Jerry and Shirley Smith, who at 73 and 72, respectively, are riding a tandem on a cross-country bike tour that roughly follows the Northern Tier bicycle route.

Cyclists on that route all know about the beauty and hardships of crossing the Cascades and Rockies. This year, heavy rain, high wind and record heat has been added to the mix.

That’s no different for the Newton, Kansas, couple …

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Bob Lee’s amazing bicycle adventure around the U.S.

Bob Lee plans to embark on the third and final leg of his perimeter bicycle travels — Ride for 3 Reasons — around the continental United States this fall to raise money for three charities.

Now 70 years old, Lee continues to inspire me to never stop riding a bicycle.

Current plans call for him …

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Cycling strong at 80

An 80-year-old retired California school teacher did something on his birthday that too few seniors do — he got some exercise by taking a long bike ride.

Ray Houlihan's bicycle ride took him 103 miles around his hometown of Turlock on a December day. He's completed 15 centuries over the past 20 years or so.

“It's just like the mountains. They're there and you want to start riding them” …

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How many miles do you ride your bicycle every year?

64-year-old Everett man bikes nearly 12,000 miles a year

When my BikeJournal log surpassed 4,000 miles for 2011 in October, I thought I was pretty hot stuff.

Maybe some younger guys are laying down more miles on their bicycles, but I was pretty puffed for a guy adjusting to the realities of the 60s.

Then I catch this story about Dr. Art Grossman of nearby Everett, Wash. The 64-year-old doctor usually tallies just shy of 12,000 miles of bicycling a year. ….

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