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Bicycle Travel Video Contest observes lure of open road

If you shoot video of your bicycle tours for family and friends, you might want to consider sharing with the bicycle touring community at large.

There might be a little something in it for you.

The Adventure Cycling Association is hosting its second annual Bicycle Travel Video Contest at Vimeo….

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“Trail Angels” save the day for Canadian couple on bicycle tour

When Denise Blanchard lost control of her bicycle and fell hard on a gravel road in Kansas, she thought last year’s TransAmerica bicycle tour was over for her and her husband, Charles Coderre.

She wrote at her blog, CharDenVeloMonde (translated from French):

“I lose control of my bike completely and it is the fall! Ayayaye! It hurts! I …

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Adventure Cycling Association lists bicycle tours for next year

It’s not even Columbus Day, but you might want to start checking around for a guided bicycle tour to take next year.

The non-profit Adventure Cycling Association on Wednesday issued its list of more than 80 guided bicycle tours in the U.S. and warned that some of its most popular trips are already booked.

The …

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Mud slides close Northern Tier bicycle route in Washington

Traveling bicyclists heading out on the Northern Tier Bicycle Route from Anacortes or nearing their final destination will find their way blocked on State Route 20 — the North Cascades Highway.

Heavy rain and hailstorms that blasted Rainy Pass over the weekend unleashed mud and rock slides across the scenic highway, forcing its closure by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

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Canada’s Great Divide Mountain Bike Route a ‘complete washout’

If you are planning to start your Great Divide Mountain Bike Route ride in Canada, the Adventure Cycling Association has a suggestion: Don’t do it.

The 253-mile stretch from Banff, Alberta, to Roosville, Montana, is devastated by extraordinary flooding and flood damage, the association warns.

Carla Majernik, Routes and Mapping Director of Adventure Cycling, said:

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North Cascades Highway due to open this week; slated for future US Bicycle Route

An annual rite of spring is the reopening of the North Cascades Highway in April or early May after snow plow crews complete the task of scraping the road to bare pavement.

That not only opens a 40-mile stretch of Highway 20 in northern Washington state to car traffic, but it also marks the reopening of a remarkably scenic link of Adventure Cycling Association’s Northern Tier and Washington State Parks bicycle routes to touring bicyclists.

The Washington State Department of Transportation is shooting for a 1 p.m. Tuesday reopening of the highway, unless this past weekend’s spring snows …

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EuroVelo network connects European countries with bicycle routes

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking an extended bicycle tour on your own through Europe — and who hasn’t — there’s a website now that can show you the way.

The EuroVelo.com website maps out 14 long-distance bicycle routes that link up cities in more than 40 countries in Europe.

When complete, the network will …

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Bicycles playing a bigger role in travel plans

It may not be as obvious as the bicycling surge in urban areas, but bicycle tourism is on the rise.

The staff at Adventure Cycling Association reports nine indications that, when people think of travel, more are considering using their bicycle. According to media director Winona Bateman, bicycle touring “is enjoying the kind of popularity not seen since the 1970s.”

There’s increased interest in all types of bike travel, from sub 24-hour overnighters to long self-supported trips, luxury to budget tours, mass bike rides to small tours.

Adventure Cycling listed these indications …

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Awards to those who help bicycle travelers in need

Remember those people who helped you down the road on your bicycle travels this past year?

So does the Adventure Cycling Association, which honored them in its 2012 Bicycle Travel Awards announced today. Based on nominations from members, Adventure Cycling has been honoring do-gooders since 2003.

The honorees include a trio who provide shelter to …

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What do you think about Adventure Cycling Association?

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll no doubt know about the Adventure Cycling Association.

Now that non-profit is launching a branding survey to find out how you and other cyclists perceive their organization and the work they do.

The survey takes less than 10 minutes. Basically, you choose among words and photos …

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