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Tragic end to TransAmerica tour for California cyclist

Sad news from Kentucky where a 71-year-old touring bicyclist from Chico, California, died from injuries he suffered when he fell off his bike.

Retired Yuba City dentist Oliver “Ollie” Scheideman Jr. was fulfilling his dream to complete a TransAmerica bicycle tour. An earlier attempt in 2009 ended when he crashed soon after the start of …

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Englishman breaks record for around-the-world bicycle race

Mike Hall triumphantly arrived in Greenwich, England, on Monday to end his around-the-world bicycle tour in an amazing 92 days.

The 31-year-old engineer’s elapsed time crushed the previous Guinness World record of 106 days set in 2010.

For comparison, a previous record set by Scotsman Mark Beaumont (author of “The Man who Cycled the World”) …

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Xiao Sa — the small dog adopted on China bicycle tour

The amazing journey of Xiao Sa is no shaggy dog story.

The small stray dog latched onto a group of touring bicyclists in central China and followed them all the way to Tibet, a distance of some 1,000 miles.

The little fella ran all day with the bicyclists after they fed him. They named him Xiao Sa, and now he’s famous…

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Bicycle author writes about mid-1930s world bicycle travelers

A few months ago, I wrote a short blog post here about Fred Birchmore, the mid-1930s bicycle traveler from Georgia. He may have been the first “Fred” — now a mocking term for a bicycling enthusiast.

At the time, “Bicycle: The History” author David V. Herlihy was working on a piece about Birchmore for the …

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Northern Tier Bicycle Route highway opens in Washington

One of the most scenic rides in the US is open to traffic, including bicycles.

The North Cascades Highway opened at noon today after state highway crews spent the past seven weeks clearing away snow nearly 60 feet deep.

The scene at left shows crews pushing through an avalanche chute near Liberty Bell, one of the landmarks near Washington Pass just two weeks ago. …

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Tragic end for charity bicycle tour on a Georgia road

Two of the three Florida friends who embarked on a 850-mile pledge bicycle tour were laid to rest in separate ceremonies on Saturday.

All three were struck by a motorist on a Georgia highway one night last month. Only one survived.

Todd Metts, Jeffrey Dunn and Kenny Hunt were long-time cycling companions. Metts, a board member of a missionary group, suggested the other two join him on a pledge ride this spring from Washington DC to their homes in Florida….

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Diary tells of cross-country bike tour in 1923

For two Pennsylvania teen-agers taking their journey of a lifetime, a cross-country bicycle tour in 1923 meant living off the land, hopping freight trains and run-ins with local cops.

As you can see from the photo at left, their cycling gear was spartan:

A single-speed bike equipped with a carbide lamp and belongings carried in a bedroll slung over the shoulder.

The cross-country bike tour tale of Arthur Miller and his friend Earl Hagerman was revealed in a diary that recently fell into the hands of Arthur’s daughter, Lois Yingling, 83, of York, Pa. …

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Bicycles put Wounded Warriors on the road to recovery

Some people use bicycles for fun; some for transportation. Wounded warriors use bikes to get their lives back together.

Through a series of short bicycle tours called Soldier Rides, veterans from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are learning to adapt to their life-changing injuries and get on with their lives.

Yesterday I spoke with retired Army Lt. Col. Dan Schnock, the director of Soldier Ride who is in Washington DC preparing for this week’s ride that includes a spin to the White House to see the Commander in Chief.

He had just spent the morning helping fit a double-amputee — he lost one leg above the knee, the other below — to a hand-cycle. ….

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Biking for Baseball is a big hit for youth mentors

Friday’s home opener might have been a loss for the Seattle Mariners, but it was a big win for five friends from Denver.

The five are happy to be starting their own season of bicycling to all 30 major league baseball parks and raising awareness for youth mentoring programs at baseball camps they’re holding in each city.

Calling this Biking for Baseball, Adam Kremers, Tim Sherman, Rex Roberts, Chase Higgins and Steve Lunn are taking their mentoring experiences with Big Brothers Big Sisters on the road to 30 cities. …

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Magazine and new books aid search for bicycling adventures in Pacific NW

The recent string of sunny spring days should be setting cyclists’ legs a-twitching in the Pacific Northwest as they think ahead to summer adventures on their bicycles.

Picking a destination should be easier than ever this summer as at least three new books will share prime bicycling routes in Oregon and Washington. Actually, with so many choices, picking a biking option might be more difficult

Let’s start with an article in the current Outdoors NW pub that picks “10 Classic rides in the Northwest.” Author Amy Poffenbarger chooses five mountain bike rides and five road routes that top the list of many cyclists in the Northwest. …

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