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John Wayne Pioneer Trail supporters head to Olympia; seek more trail funding and end to permits

John Wayne Pioneer Trail website

Supporters of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail should probably thank the two state legislators who mounted a muddled attempt last year to give away one-third of the 253-mile-long rail-trail in eastern Washington to adjacent landowners.

The ploy, spoiled by a simple typo in a state budget item, galvanized trail advocates into action after a series …

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Grant boosts bicycle tourism in WA town; more People for Bikes awards given

The rail-trail along Similkameen River near Oroville.

A town in the scenic Okanogan region of northern Washington state is banking on bicycle tourism to improve the local economy.

The People for Bikes nonprofit granted $1,250 to the Borderlands Historical Society in Oroville to make improvements that will cater to bicycling visitors.

The grant will help pay for installation of a bicycle repair …

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Highway 520 bike trail opens in April; big bike ride planned


[Update: April 25 — The bridge bike path set to open in middle to late May ] Get ready to pop the corks on your water bottles in celebration. The bike trail on the soon-to-be-completed Highway 520 floating bridge across Lake Washington is set to open in April.

A grand opening ceremony for the 1.5-mile-long …

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Another small step to create trail on Eastside Rail Corridor

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A full year after Kirkland opened a six-mile bicycling trail on its section of the Eastside Rail Corridor, King County held a ceremony on Friday to remove some railroad spikes on its 12-mile share of the old rail corridor.

The real work of removing the rails won’t begin until early 2017, another year down the …

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R.I.P. Len Francies, mountain biker; services announced

Len Francies, from Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance

Mountain biking trails in the Pacific Northwest lost a friend and supporter this past weekend when Len Francies died while riding on New Year’s Day with a friend on Grand Ridge, a forest near Issaquah.

As reported by Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance:

“After a life of enthusiasm and boundless energy for riding, trail building, and …

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Different strokes to usher in New Year

Taking the Polar Bear plunge on New Year's Day

There are lots of way to celebrate New Year’s. If at all possible, I take a ride on my bicycle to welcome the new year.

Earlier today, my new year’s ride down to Coulon Park in Renton happened to coincide with the annual Polar Bear Plunge at the park.

I heard shouting as I …

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Recharging my batteries on local bike trails

Highlands Trail in Newcastle

Twenty minutes. Research shows that’s all it takes to feel rejuvenated by being outside in nature.

Studies by the Journal of Environmental Psychology concluded: “Being outdoors was associated with greater vitality, a relation that was mediated by the presence of natural elements.” Further research at the University of Rochester concluded that “being outside in …

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Largest statewide bicycle nonprofit created in Washington state

Fullscreen capture 1282015 111821 PM

If you like to know who’s minding the store — in this case bicycle advocacy in the state of Washington — then you’ll want to know there’s been a change.

The Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes (formerly Bicycle Alliance of Washington) are officially joining forces on Jan. 1, 2016.

The decision to merge was …

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Citizens committee will study future of John Wayne Pioneer Trail in eastern Washington

Old railroad cut on John Wayne Pioneer Trail east of Ellensburg

An Eastern Washington state legislator is back pedaling on his scheme to close 130 miles of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail and turn it over to private landowners after a public hearing in Tekoa on Wednesday.

Republican Rep. Joe Schmick, at a public meeting with the Tekoa Trail & Trestle Association, agreed to set up …

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Volunteers make improvements to John Wayne Pioneer Trail in eastern WA

Horse drawn wagon crossing rail-trail bridge near Ellensburg

The attempt by two eastern Washington state legislators to give away 130 miles of public rail-trail to adjacent private landowners is raising more public awareness to the possibilities for the John Wayne Pioneer Trail. [See “Proposed land grab threatens eastern John Wayne Pioneer Trail“]

Now a representative of the John Wayne Pioneer Wagons and Riders …

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