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Home bike business threatened in New Hampshire

A 75-year-old man who repairs and sells used bicycles from his home in Portsmouth, N.H., is fighting a cease and desist order from City Hall.

Tony Tzortzakis has been ordered to shut down the bicycle business after a neighbor complained about him storing and selling bicycles outside his home. ….

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30 days of biking: 1962 Seattle World’s Fair

Today’s 50th anniversary celebration of the Seattle World’s Fair seemed like a good reason to make a bicycle pilgrimage over to Seattle.

The splendid weather for the second straight weekend prompted hordes of cyclists to take to the bike paths and roads around here.

For the first time this year, short sleeves and bare arms outnumbered yellow rain jackets and tights for cycling wear. …

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Diary tells of cross-country bike tour in 1923

For two Pennsylvania teen-agers taking their journey of a lifetime, a cross-country bicycle tour in 1923 meant living off the land, hopping freight trains and run-ins with local cops.

As you can see from the photo at left, their cycling gear was spartan:

A single-speed bike equipped with a carbide lamp and belongings carried in a bedroll slung over the shoulder.

The cross-country bike tour tale of Arthur Miller and his friend Earl Hagerman was revealed in a diary that recently fell into the hands of Arthur’s daughter, Lois Yingling, 83, of York, Pa. …

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Flawed list of 20 best bike scenes in movies (minus one)

Got to admit to being truly baffled by this list of “20 Best Bicycle Scenes in Cinema, Ever” at the Denver Westworld weekly.

And here’s why — “Breaking Away” didn’t make the list.

I know I’m prejudiced, but the scene of Dave Stoller riding in the slipstream of an 18-wheeler across the rolling Indiana landscape to the strains of Italian opera is one of my most memorable film moments. Just last week I watched the 1979 film on one of the cable channels and got choked at the finish when (spoiler alert) the Cutters win the Little Indy 500.

Of course, “Breaking Away” isn’t a bicycling film. It’s about four friends …

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30 days of biking: That hill next to Peterson’s Bicycle Shop

Although many novice bicyclists avoid hills on their bike routes, sooner or later they’ll decide to put those gears to work and challenge themselves on a steep climb.

Suffering through the experience, many will go back to avoiding hills. But some who enjoy the suffering or the relief that comes when the ordeal is finally over, will be drawn to steep climbs.

One of the steepest in my neck of the woods is SE 76th Street between Lake Washington Boulevard and 116th Avenue SE. …

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Biking for Baseball is a big hit for youth mentors

Friday’s home opener might have been a loss for the Seattle Mariners, but it was a big win for five friends from Denver.

The five are happy to be starting their own season of bicycling to all 30 major league baseball parks and raising awareness for youth mentoring programs at baseball camps they’re holding in each city.

Calling this Biking for Baseball, Adam Kremers, Tim Sherman, Rex Roberts, Chase Higgins and Steve Lunn are taking their mentoring experiences with Big Brothers Big Sisters on the road to 30 cities. …

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Seeing the world on loaded bicycle and $8 a day

Finding herself suddenly unemployed in England, Jilly Sherlock loaded her panniers with 50 pounds of gear and hit the road on her bicycle.

That was a year ago. So far she’s traveled more than 8,000 miles in an easterly direction through 23 countries.

She celebrated her 1-year anniversary on the road in Thailand this week.

Sherlock may be traveling solo, but she is by no means alone. She keeps in touch …

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Magazine and new books aid search for bicycling adventures in Pacific NW

The recent string of sunny spring days should be setting cyclists’ legs a-twitching in the Pacific Northwest as they think ahead to summer adventures on their bicycles.

Picking a destination should be easier than ever this summer as at least three new books will share prime bicycling routes in Oregon and Washington. Actually, with so many choices, picking a biking option might be more difficult

Let’s start with an article in the current Outdoors NW pub that picks “10 Classic rides in the Northwest.” Author Amy Poffenbarger chooses five mountain bike rides and five road routes that top the list of many cyclists in the Northwest. …

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Solutions for women left numb by bicycling

It’s no secret that some women can suffer the same numbness in the genital area as some men do from riding a bicycle.

For men that can lead to erectile dysfunction and impotence, serious issues that can be addressed by professional bike fittings and alternative saddle styles.

Now researchers at Yale University School of Medicine have found a solution for women suffering numbness — set the handlebar higher in relation to the saddle.

Back in 2006, Yale University looked at issues of women’s sexual health and bicycling …

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Images of future Hwy. 520 bike trail over Lake Washington

It seems almost too good to be true for Seattle area bicyclists. The new Highway 520 bridge across Lake Washington will have bicycle and pedestrians lanes. These artists’ renderings prove it.

The Washington Department of Transportation posted the future views of the bridge at its flickr.com account last week.

Although I knew that advocates from Cascade Bicycle Club and the Bicycle Alliance of Washington pushed for a bike trail on the new bridge, seeing these views somehow makes it all the more real.

Now all we have to do is wait …

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