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30 days of biking: Off the beaten path of Cedar River Trail

Today’s bike ride was to be an out-and-back errand to the video store to exchange movies.

The continued summer-like weather — 70s and clear — distracted me to such an extent, however, that I took a wrong turn on the way home and ended up exploring down by the Cedar River.

Considering this scene, I probably should have picked up “Iron Horse,” instead of “Iron Lady.” Or “Seabiscuit” or “Secretariat.” This reminds me of a day riding through the blue grass country of Kentucky …

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Home bike business threatened in New Hampshire

A 75-year-old man who repairs and sells used bicycles from his home in Portsmouth, N.H., is fighting a cease and desist order from City Hall.

Tony Tzortzakis has been ordered to shut down the bicycle business after a neighbor complained about him storing and selling bicycles outside his home. ….

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30 days of biking: Lake Washington Boulevard in blossom

A couple of bicyclists at Seward Park pause to regard the awesome sight of Mount Rainier looming above Lake Washington.

They were among the hundreds, if not thousands, of cyclists who flocked to the road along the lake on Sunday.

Perhaps unintentionally, we were all celebrating Earth Day by exercising our rights to the road with human-powered propulsion. …

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30 days of biking: 1962 Seattle World’s Fair

Today’s 50th anniversary celebration of the Seattle World’s Fair seemed like a good reason to make a bicycle pilgrimage over to Seattle.

The splendid weather for the second straight weekend prompted hordes of cyclists to take to the bike paths and roads around here.

For the first time this year, short sleeves and bare arms outnumbered yellow rain jackets and tights for cycling wear. …

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30 days of biking: Will Rogers and Wiley Post flew here

Boaters and rafters must consider these snags where the Cedar River flows into Lake Washington the same way that bicyclists view tacks or broken bottles in the road. Maybe worse.

While a chard of glass can puncture a tire, a limb from one of these trees can poke a hole in a fiberglass boat or rubber raft and sink it.

These trees have likely taken a long trip to get here. The Cedar River picks up plenty of fallen trees as it meanders through its flood zone to the river channel that cuts through Renton. The occasional flood pushes the snags downstream and eventually out into Lake Washington. …

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Diary tells of cross-country bike tour in 1923

For two Pennsylvania teen-agers taking their journey of a lifetime, a cross-country bicycle tour in 1923 meant living off the land, hopping freight trains and run-ins with local cops.

As you can see from the photo at left, their cycling gear was spartan:

A single-speed bike equipped with a carbide lamp and belongings carried in a bedroll slung over the shoulder.

The cross-country bike tour tale of Arthur Miller and his friend Earl Hagerman was revealed in a diary that recently fell into the hands of Arthur’s daughter, Lois Yingling, 83, of York, Pa. …

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30 days of biking: ‘I can see my house from here!’

Well, maybe not my exact house, but at least I think that’s my neighborhood way down there in the trees.

This is the view of the world from Somerset, the community that covers the west-facing side of Cougar Mountain. On a clear day, the Olympic Mountains would serve as a stunning backdrop to Seattle.

(I enlarged a tiny bit of Seattle below so you can see the Space Needle, which stands to the left of downtown.)

The residents are paying for the view up here, but their million-dollar homes aren’t too shabby either. Props to the cyclists who live up in these neighborhoods and face this climb at the end of every ride. ….

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Recall: Tektro brake levers mounted on aerobars for Specialized

Specialized Bicycle Components is recalling 600 brake lever assemblies on aerobars that are faulty and can fail to stop the bicycle.

The US Consumer Protection Safety Commission is urging owners of any bicycles with the Tektro TL-83 brake levers to stop using them and contact dealers for a free replacement.

The Morgan Hill, Calif.-based bike …

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30 days of biking: Where coal was king

This is far as you can get by bicycle to the old site of Newcastle, aka Red Town, an historic coal mining center that’s now Cougar Mountain Park east of Seattle.

The park is closed to bicycle use, even though many of the trails are wide and stable enough to carry fire equipment and park …

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Bicycles put Wounded Warriors on the road to recovery

Some people use bicycles for fun; some for transportation. Wounded warriors use bikes to get their lives back together.

Through a series of short bicycle tours called Soldier Rides, veterans from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are learning to adapt to their life-changing injuries and get on with their lives.

Yesterday I spoke with retired Army Lt. Col. Dan Schnock, the director of Soldier Ride who is in Washington DC preparing for this week’s ride that includes a spin to the White House to see the Commander in Chief.

He had just spent the morning helping fit a double-amputee — he lost one leg above the knee, the other below — to a hand-cycle. ….

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