Abandoned dockless vehicles: cars vs. bicycles

You’ve undoubtedly seen the fear-and-loathing photographs of thousands of unused dockless bicycles strewn about in huge piles in China. A number of bike-share companies received investor funding for bike rental systems and installed them in cities throughout China. There’s been more supply than demand, creating  a huge problem of unused dockless bikes. Some of those …

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Lance Armstrong pays $5 million in fraud settlement

Pro cycling cheat Lance Armstrong has settled his fraud lawsuit brought by the U.S. government for $5 million, it was announced on Thursday. Prosecutors were seeking up to $100 million in damages. After fending off accusations for years that he had doped his way to seven Tour de France championships, Armstrong admitted in 2013 that …

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Choosing a name for John Wayne Pioneer Trail in Iron Horse State Park

Is it time to rename the popular bicycle touring trail that crosses most of the state of Washington from Rattlesnake Lake to the Idaho border? The state says its considering changing the name of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail that runs through Iron Horse State Park and is asking the public to weigh in. The John …

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Section of John Wayne Pioneer Trail closed in Eastern Washington

The state Department of Natural Resources last week closed a section of the cross-state John Wayne Pioneer Trail in eastern Washington for an indefinite period between Beverly and Lind. In a press release on Friday, the DNR said it closed this segment of the trail due to a lack of funding to perform maintenance. Although …

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More than 100 bike rides to celebrate Opening Day for Trails on Saturday

Opening Day is a highlight for baseball fans, signaling the start of the national pastime. The Rails to Trails Conservancy wants to do the same for trail use, naming Saturday, April 7, as Opening Day for Trails. The nonprofit supporter for rail-to-trail conversions across the nation aims to kickstart spring trail use with more than …

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Pierce County’s Foothills Trail open for bicycling from East Puyallup to Buckley

The long wait is over. Bicyclists can now take the paved Foothills Trail from the East Puyallup trailhead, through Orting and South Prairie, and into Buckley — a distance of 21 miles. (more)

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Complete solitude on Arctic bicycle journey

Traveling alone by bicycle is one thing. Bicycling alone through the frozen Canadian Arctic is something altogether different. UK-based filmmaker Ben Page found that out on his 3-year around the world bicycle journey. In the introduction to his 24-minute film of his Canadian adventure — “The Frozen Road” — Ben says that he sought to …

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Protect bicyclists and pedestrians by prohibiting blind self-driving vehicles from the streets

Now that bicyclists and pedestrians in Tempe, Arizona, have learned they’re part of a failed lab experiment, perhaps it is time to restrict testing of self-driving cars on city streets. Tempe Police Vehicular Crimes Unit is actively investigating the details of this incident that occurred on March 18th. We will provide updated information regarding the …

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Q&A: Bicycling the Pacific Coast – Deep forests, sunny beaches, and driving rain

Seattle bicycling writer Bill Thorness says riding a bicycle down the Pacific Coast is an epic adventure. I found that opinion hard to dispute after talking to him about his recent guidebook — “Cycling the Pacific Coast: The Complete Guide from Canada to Mexico.” Published by Mountaineers Books in partnership with the Adventure Cycling Association, …

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Garneau recalls non-compliant bicycle helmets

Helmet-maker Louis Garneau is recalling 1,200 bicycle helmets sold in the US and Canada after discovering that the Course-style helmets in matte colors degrade over time and don’t comply with the impact requirements set by those countries’ safety standards. Owners should stop using the helmets, which pose a risk for injury, and contact Louis Garneau …

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