Seattle pulls the plug on bike share

Seattle bike routes

Seattle is abandoning its Pronto! bike share system on March 31 after a sluggish 30-month run.

Of the 1,175 bike share systems operating world-wide, Seattle could be the largest to end its service in modern history.

Pronto! launched as a nonprofit concern in October 2014 with 500 bicycles stored at 50 locations. With the system running in …

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Ohio enacts 3-foot passing law

A 7-year battle to make Ohio’s roads safer for bicyclists ended earlier this month when the legislature enacted a 3-foot passing bill.

Gov. John Kasich signed the bill into law on Dec. 19. It goes into effect before the end of March 2017.

The law makes Ohio the 30th state (and the District of Columbia) to require that …

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Missouri’s Katy Trail becomes nation’s longest; Washington’s John Wayne Pioneer Trail falls to No. 2

Trestle on Katy Trail

A simple name change for a 47.5-mile trail in Missouri means the Katy Trail is now the longest rail-trail in the US. Washington’s John Wayne Pioneer Trail, which had been No. 1 for  several years, dropped to second place.

The identity change happened last Saturday as Missouri Gov. Ray Nixon dedicated a new trail running east …

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East Lake Sammamish Trail segment closed to bicycling for 12 months


A 1.3-mile section of the East Lake Sammamish Trail will be closed for 12 months beginning next week.

King County is closing the trail segment north of Lake Sammamish State Park so construction crews can pave and widen the trail between Southeast 43rd Way to Southeast 33rd Street.

Bicyclists and walkers will have to use the bike …

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A bike for every kid in South Carolina school

Katie Blomquist and some pupils at Peppermill Elementary

Will 650 children at Peppermill Elementary School in South Carolina get new bicycles this holiday season? That’s the goal of teacher Katie Blomquist.

The 1st grade teacher for the elementary school in North Charleston wants to buy bikes, helmets, and locks for every pupil.

She opened a fund-raising page at entitled “Every Kid Deserves a …

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Bicycle tourism is still on the rise; Adventure Cycling Association

Loaded touring on Snoqualmie Valley Trail

Whatever you call it — bicycle tourism, bicycle travel, or bikepacking — the Adventure Cycling Association says it is booming.

That’s great news for those of us who like to make overnight excursions by bicycle.

It means that more small towns, or park operators, or entrepreneurs will see the economic benefits of appealing to the …

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John Wayne Pioneer Trail closed through training base this summer

If you’re planning to ride a bicycle tour the length of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail this summer, you better wrap it up before Aug. 22.

That’s when the trail through the Army’s Yakima Training Center will be closed due to construction. The dates are Aug. 22 through Oct. 1.

The rail-trail runs through the training center …

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Snoqualmie Valley Trail section closes; Green River Trail reopens

The work zone on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail this spring

The Snoqualmie Valley Regional Trail is closing again from July 5 to about Aug. 12 at a work site located between Carnation and Duvall.

Because the trail is located on a narrow stretch of land between the Snoqualmie River and State Route 203, there is no room for a detour.

State Route 203 lacks adequate …

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Former pro cyclist Floyd Landis launches marijuana business

Floyd Landis creates pot products at Floyd's of Leadville

Dishonored Tour de France champion Floyd Landis has become a businessman — selling cannabis products.

Where life after cycling for former pro cyclists in the US has meant producing bicycles and bike clothing or commentating on TV, Landis is getting in the marijuana industry.

His Colorado-based company, Landis of Leadville, will produce cannabis oil from marijuana …

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Brexit complicates things for Brompton Bicycles


Officials at iconic British bicycle maker Brompton are expecting changes in their business after voters chose to exit from the European Union on Thursday.


Stephen Loftus, CMO for the London-based company, told the International Business Times earlier this week that the change will probably complicate things, at least in the short run.

Loftus …

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