Middle-finger salute to Trump costs bicyclist her job

A woman who demonstrated her displeasure with President Trump’s policies by flipping the bird at his motorcade last week was sacked by her employer, a government contractor.

Juli Briskman, a 50-year-old mother of two, told the Huffington Post that she was fired by Akima LLC after her boss told her that she had violated company …

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NYC bike path becomes scene of terror

A New York City bike path used by bicyclists and pedestrians alike became the scene of a horrific attack Tuesday, leaving at least 8 dead.

A man reportedly drove a rented flatbed truck for nearly a mile along the West Side Highway bike path on Monday afternoon. After the truck rammed a school bus, the …

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Bike ride to fall color on Snoqualmie Valley Trail

The bands of winter rains lately dubbed The Big Dark by local media seemed to vanish early this week in the Pacific Northwest, so I made a bee-line to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail east of Seattle.

The section between Carnation (named for its contented dairy herds) and Duvall drew my attention because it gets a …

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California wildfires spark bike ride cancellations; narrow escape by bike; Leipheimer house destroyed

Bike ride organizers in Northern California have postponed at least one event and changed the route of another as firefighters battle horrific wildfires in several counties.

Not wanting to hamper efforts to control the wildland fires, organizers also realize that air quality in the region is not ideal for outdoor exercise.

The 10th Annual …

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Hit and run suspect in charity bike ride arrested in California

A man who swerved into a group of bicyclists on a charity bike ride in Marin County this weekend and fled found himself in police custody less than 12 hours later.

Four cyclists participating in the Jensie Gran Fondo charity ride were struck by the man when he swerved into the group; 1 was airlifted to …

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Rail-trails offer good views of salmon runs

Every fall, salmon return to their native Puget Sound rivers and streams to spawn. Two excellent vantage points for the spectacle are the Cedar River Trail in King County and the Foothills Trail in Pierce County.

I happened to visit both these trails this past week to enjoy our sunny autumn weather. Once we had …

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Big recall for Brompton bikes — 144,000 folding bikes

A part that fails in 1 out of 5,000 bikes prompted the British bike maker Brompton Bicycle Ltd. to recall all of its bicycles – some 144,000 – made between April 2014 and May 2017.

Bromptons are popular folding bicycles that are used in cities around the world. The folding design and 16-inch wheels enables …

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Pacific NW wildfires impact scheduled bike rides

Week-long Cycle Oregon among cancellations

Check in with the organizers of your weekend bike ride in Washington, Oregon, and California before you head out the door.

Thousands of acres of forests and grasslands are burning in those states, forcing closure of some major annual bicycling events, such as Cycle Oregon.

The smoky, ash-filled air, like …

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How bicycle travelers can pitch their tents at full WA state park campgrounds

One of the common worries of bicycle travel involves pulling into a state campground late in the day and finding out that all the campsites are taken.

The prospect of heading out on a dark road or stealth camping in the woods looms ahead.

A policy update by the Washington State Parks assures this won’t …

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Another Trans Am Bike Race 2017 gets underway

The Giro d’Italia has ended and cycling teams are preparing for the Tour de France. But the race that inspires me is the Trans Am Bike Race — a 4,300-mile cross-country self-supported road race.

On Saturday in Astoria, Oregon, 128 riders took off on the famous Trans America route charted by Adventure Cycling Association (3 …

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